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Pathfinders Forest School works with primary schools, home schools and afterschool providers to deliver outdoor forest school activities for children aged 5 - 12 years. Our aim is to reconnect children with the joys of being outdoors through shelter building, fire lighting, tree climbing and interacting with nature.



Projects have included establishing an Urban Forest School in the centre of Dublin for children with limited access to green space. Pathfinders has also worked with DEIS Schools to reconnect children with nature as well as running a programme for the Home Education Network in Wicklow.



Clients include NCR Childcare, Kildare Steiner School, Earth Force Education, Home Education Network and Phoenix Park Forest School.



We at Pathfinders Forest School will always endeavour to:


Build lifelong skills – Skills in the more primitive aspects of life are often overlooked. The ability to tie the right knot, set and light a fire with confidence, even identifying the most common trees in the woods, are skills that children and adult alike thrive on.  

Create memories – The freedom to play outdoors among grass and trees, regardless of weather, exploring and learning with confidence, are memories that last a lifetime. 

Inspire – Enthusiasm in infectious; inspiring the next generation to take a leap and to have the confidence to engage with the outdoors on a tactile and submersive level is part of the Forest School mantra.  

See the bigger picture – Forest School unveils the interconnectedness of everything. We live in an ecosystem in balance. Highlighting this balance will hopefully make for better decision-making in future generations. There is no Planet B.  



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